Guide to Reverse Mortgages

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Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

As you get older, you may start to think that your sources of income may begin to dwindle and this is where the much talked about reverse mortgage comes into play. Since you are no longer working and really do not have an income that will vary very much with the typical increases in interest rates and slow times in the overall economy, you could easily become put between a rock and a hard place if you try and live on your fixed income from social security or your 401k alone. However, there is a new source of income available for people over the age of sixty two who want to be able to live on their own and still afford the things that they enjoyed when they were younger. The reverse mortgage could be your answer to your monetary woes.

A reverse mortgage, while it sounds like a clever trick you may be playing on your bank, is actually a fully accepted way for elderly individuals to make quite a bit of money on the equity of their home. Just as the name sounds, a reverse mortgage is a mortgage in reverse which allows the bank to essentially buy your home back from you slowly as if you were the lender and the bank were the buyer of your home.

A reverse mortgage allows you, as a retiree, to supplement your income with several hundred or several thousand extra dollars each and every month so long as you own your home. If you want, the bank can even give you all of the money for the equity of your home right out front and you get to keep living in your home as long as you want. The reverse mortgage is the answer to your money woes giving you the freedom to live on your own and the flexibility to have enough money to do what you want.

How to get more information?

Before you walk into a brokerage in order to get a reverse mortgage on your home, you should prepare yourself with some of the best reverse mortgage information that you can find. You want to be sure that you are actually getting the mortgage for the right reasons instead of the wrong and you want to be absolutely sure that you are not about to do business with a company that may not be as on the up and up as you previously thought.

The first tidbit of reverse mortgage information that you need to be sure of is whether or not you are placing a reverse mortgage on your home for the right reasons. There are countless reasons why people take out a reverse mortgage, but unfortunately most of them are not very practical. So, as long as you do not owe anything (or very little) on your home and you have talked to a variety of professionals about the reverse mortgage process, then a reverse mortgage may be perfect for you.

Of course, there is also reverse mortgage information on reasons why a reverse mortgage may not be right for you. You should never get a reverse mortgage if you are only planning to use it for a few quick bucks to pay some bills or something of that nature. Furthermore, never ever purchase a reverse mortgage plan from a telemarketer, an unsolicited email or a door to door salesman. Also, you should never take out a reverse mortgage from someone who is pressuring you to do so and if you do not understand or you are not comfortable with the terms of the mortgage walk away. As long as you use these handy bits of reverse mortgage information the next time you consider taking out a reverse mortgage on your home, you will feel much more comfortable with the application process.

How to find a brokerage?

Whether or not you get a good deal on your home when you finally decide to get a reverse mortgage is almost totally dependent on what reverse mortgage brokers you end up choosing. Many people who are excited to get their first paycheck in the mail as a result of their reverse mortgage may end up rather surprised when the amount on the check is not what the expected as a result of shady reverse mortgage brokers taking more than their fair share of the proceeds or because the brokers they chose simply were not capable of getting you a good enough deal.

There are lots of warning signs to look for when choosing a set of reverse mortgage brokers, so be sure that you know what to look for before you settle down with one brokerage firm. When you try to do an online search, you may come up with a ton of different brokers, but unless you have heard of them before, it is probably in your best interest not to do business with them. While the internet is a great place to do research about reverse mortgage brokers, it is not particularly conducive to finding a brokerage firm that is not simply trying to rip you off.

If you want to go straight for the best reverse mortgage brokers without having to do too much work on your end, your best bet is to ask your friends about what brokers they used when they go their reverse mortgages. Word of mouth is the single best way to find a broker for your reverse mortgage, so be sure to ask around. If you do not have any friends or family members who have had a reverse mortgage, you can also find out about many reverse mortgage brokers by visiting forums and other bulletin boards or newsgroups that deal with reverse mortgages.

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